We are diverse when it comes to the meals we offer at our resort. And because we are aware that you are what you eat, we have in no small measure invested in employing only the best hands as chefs. We believe that we shouldn’t just eat to stay alive, but also to keep healthy and fit. As far as we know, most poor health stems from poor dietary condition, and we don’t hesitate to educate our guests on this.

You can expect to be greeted with all kinds of delicacies prepared by internationally acclaimed chefs. Our meals range from contemporary, Mediterranean, Chinese, African, and Caribbean. In fact, as long as it’s a meal you can imagine, we are ready to invent it.

Meals are prepared under the highest dietary conditions, and with strict cognizance to health. So with every meal you are served in our resort, one thing is certain, it is perfect for your health. We have a team of dieticians that ensures strict compliance with health is administered during meal preparation.

Another major consideration for us is creating the right ambiance any time meals are served. We believe the atmosphere where you seat to a meal is as vital as the meal being served. Hence, setting the right tone in our restaurants is particular to us. So it isn’t unusual for you to walk into our restaurants to be served dinner and you find a piece of soft music playing at the background with candle lights lit to provide a romantic ambiance.

Now you may ask: am I on a date or something? And we say does the illusion we create matter, as long as it makes you better appreciate your meal? For us being able to invent scenarios while serving every meal creates a different feel and experience for our guests every single time! Hence you could be served the same meal, but the experience will ultimately vary.

Our guests haven’t stopped appreciating our ingenuity, and the touch of excellence put into every single meal prepared and served. Our chefs also make it a point of call to detail the ingredients used to invent any meal to you while it is being served. So you eat knowing the make-up of every single ingredient and its health relevance.

We believe that if you have ever gone on vacation on a resort, but haven’t had a feel of the delicacy served in our resort then you haven’t had a vacation after all. We can’t wait for you to prove us wrong.