The process of booking accommodation cannot be any easier, as, by just a click of the button, you can as well start smiling that you have completed the process, and your accommodation is secured. We believe that making a process easy is as essential as creating a process. So you can rest, assured that we have you covered.

Our accommodation comes at different prices depending on the amenities available in it. We have options for accommodation that includes Garden chalets, Ocean views, Beach bungalows, and a two-bedroom mangsit suite.

The Garden chalets are usually located either upstairs or downstairs in the resort; you could make a choice based on your preference. It has amenities that include private balcony access, king or twin sized bed, daily buffet breakfast, welcome drink on arrival, access to 24 hours room service, opportunity to make coffee or tea from the confines of your room, access to 24 hours fitness gym, and WIFI services. This choice of accommodation is best for two people or a small family of three.

The Ocean-view accommodation, on the other hand, provides an excellent view of the ocean, pool, and garden from either the Terrace downstairs or balcony upstairs. There is also a king or twin sized bed present. Most of the amenities you stand to enjoy from the garden chalet are also available here.

Beach bungalow is positioned at the beachfront, and there is access to a private terrace, has external private bathrooms with separate shower and bathtub. Sofas are present in all the bungalows and lounges. All the amenities present in the other accommodations are also present here.

The two-bedroom mangsit suite presents two bedrooms with king size and twin beds. The bathrooms are separate, a living room, fully equipped kitchenette, storage area, refrigerator, storage area, dining room, courtyard, and terrace.

This kind of accommodation is best suited for family travelers; say a small family of six.

You can head off to our website to book accommodation, walk into our office or place a call through.  In all, the quality of housing we offer is one reason you would not be in a hurry to return home. Whatever the choice you settle for, you can relax because you won’t have to rob a bank to enjoy your chosen accommodation.